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About Back to Basics

We're currently on a hiatus and not accepting new donations. Thanks to the generous support of our Patrons, our cluster is boosted until February 2020! 

Back to Basics is a relaxed Ark Community running on Xbox with PC Crossplay enabled. We currently have six maps clustered together: 2 PVP maps (Ragnarok/Valguero) and six PVE maps (the Island/the Center/Extinction/Aberration/Ragnarok/Valguero) -- and we might be looking to add more! We’re a close knit community of friends who have been playing Ark, as well as other games, together for a long time. Our server rates are breeding focused and boosted moderately enough so that you can play solo or with a smaller tribe and not have to grind too hard. Difficulty has been set to 10 (wild dinos are 300) and dinos have been buffed a teensy bit for an added challenge. Our Admins are "hands off" - meaning that we will only use codes for event prep and server maintenance. 

The cluster is free to play at all times, but if you would like to pledge or donate to help with the server costs, we would greatly appreciate the assistance! Please note that we are not a "pay-to-play" or "play-to-win" server -- these perks are merely to say thank you to those that give us a helping hand. All contributions will go towards increasing the longevity of our maps (server boosts), adding new maps and increasing slot capacity (in that order and community preference). The Admin Team does not profit from donations incurred through Patreon and will make every effort to be 100% transparent with all donations received. 

Regarding Patreon rewards:
**Please try to enter your Discord name when pledging to make tracking donations easier, as the Patreon bot will auto-role you (if this is not an option for you, please message Dax on Discord after your initial pledge so you receive proper credit!)**

All patrons must contact B2B server Admins on Discord through the Monthly Reward Claiming Channel to claim their Patreon rewards. Rewards will begin to be handed out after the 2nd of the month and no later than the 20th of each month. As Patreon charges monthly dues on the 1st of the month, this helps prevents players from signing up and then cancelling once the payment is due, or issues with credit cards not going through. For initial pledges, the rewards will be granted once the first payment clears. We will not chase after you for your rewards, you must contact us! 

Admin are not responsible for loss of monthly dinos/items awarded -- these will not be replaced once received. Unicorns/Phoenix are not included for Ascendant Tier prize. Other limitations may apply.

NOTE: If you'd like to adjust your Patreon membership at any point, please remember to do so well before the end of the month! Patreon is set up to automatically charge on the first of every month and if you are making any adjustments or looking to cancel your donations, it will continue to charge you.
$124 of $150 per month
All maps will be boosted for the next month. Any leftover funds will be put towards either a new map for the community or increasing slots for one of the more populated maps (pending need/want). New maps will always be discussed first with the Council and then put to a poll on Discord, if decided.
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