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About Ben and Mike

It took us four seasons and for President Truman to tell us to get off our fannies, but our Futurama podcast is finally on Patreon! If you've been wondering since season 1 how you can support us in making this podcast, wonder no further.

If you haven't checked us out before, we do a Futurama rewatch podcast called Back to the Futurama. Some people seem to like it, and you might like it, too! Find our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and at even more places at

Your support helps us pay for hosting costs and new equipment, so the money you pledge goes right back into the podcast to make it even better.
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56? 56? Now that's all I can think about!

56...ish seemed like as good a goal as any. When we hit 56 we'll do a Q&A session to finally answer your burning questions that we are sure you have had since the very beginning.
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