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Hey guys!

Derrick and Paula here, from Back to Reality.

If you've been following along for a while now, then chances are you already know what we're up to. But for everyone else, here's a really quick recap:

After we got married in the summer of 2014, we decided to give up our apartment, move into a camper van, and travel across Canada for our honeymoon. Along the way, we not only swam in all three oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic) and met some incredibly inspiring people, but also learned some life changing lessons that have influenced every day of our lives since.

Upon our return, instead of immediately finding another apartment in the city, we instead chose to keep living in our van for nearly two full years, even during the extremes of our Canadian winter.


Well, it turns out that we enjoyed the more minimalist lifestyle, and grew to appreciate our finite resources. But most importantly, while traveling the country and hearing the stories of those we met along the way, we discovered a reality that was always there, but rarely seen.  And we desperately wanted to be a part of it.  

So our continued nomadic lifestyle became an opportunity to pay down our debts, and save up for a down payment on a small house in the country (with enough land to begin growing our own food). And in 2016, we did just that.  

So if you're into nature, exploration, self-sufficiency, permaculture gardening, homesteading, and the odd bit of positive thinking and philosophy... then you're in the right place.

Because we're no longer just a guy, a girl, and a camper van. We're on a mission to explore a more sustainable future and figure out how to get back to basics, back to nature, and back to reality.

And we sincerely hope that you'll join us.

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