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        About Back to Twin Peaks

        Hi, my name is Mike (no relation) and I run - a Twin Peaks fan site.

        Hi there, and thanks for checking out our Patreon page. Let me tell you a bit about BTTP.

        As a huge fan of David Lynch and the original show, I could barely contain my excitement when I heard that Twin Peaks would be returning after 25 years away from our screens. There was only one problem: I was going to have to wait two years to see it!

        So I thought I would while away the time by setting up a small Twin Peaks website for myself. I wasn't satisfied with just your standard, run of the Packard sawmill blog. I wanted a site that would not only enable me to keep up to date with developments on Twin Peaks: The Return, but one which also brought me closer to Lynch & Frost’s strange little world whenever I visited it.

        Being a web developer, a nerd, and somewhat of a creative, I set about making something just a little bit different...

        Secrets & Mysteries

        Part of the fun of Twin Peaks are its enigmas and secrets. The show is filled with hidden meanings behind almost everything said or done by the characters which makes it a perpetually compelling puzzle.

        It is this air of mystery and the thrill of a potential discovery that I wanted to recreate for BTTP. There are hidden clues all over the site waiting to be discovered, so look out for:

        • Dougie-vision
        • A secret entrance to the White Lodge and the Black Lodge
        • Hidden codes, meanings and puzzles 

        And of course, in true Twin Peaks style, the answers to these questions may only lead to more questions...

        The Team

        Starting from the humble beginnings of a pet project, BTTP now has a team of three fantastic writers with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Twin Peaks who work alongside a social media ninja, a graphic designer and a couple of very hard working web designers/developers. BTTP has been running for nearly three years now and has grown from strength to strength in that time.

        The Mission

        As the site continues to grow we want to keep bringing you great content. We will keep developing the site to be the most holistic Twin Peaks fan site on the web and, of course, keep the secrets and mysteries of Twin Peaks alive. We need your support to do it.  

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        We can reward our writers! At the moment our dedicated writers are paid in Garmonbozia, and we’d like to reward their hard work with something a little more practical. Plus it means our patrons get more content, more frequently.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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