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We'll thank you on our Facebook page and you get to see our full-length music videos at least a day before everyone else!

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Access to a monthly live streaming session with us AND an MP3 of each music video we release on YouTube. We will no longer be uploading our music to iTunes/Spotify, so this is the best way to hear ...


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We will send you a personalized "Happy Birthday" message via Facebook or email. Plus, all rewards above!


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We'll personally thank you in one of our videos and include you in our "special thanks" credits at the end of every video! Also, you'll have access to the arrangement (sheet music) of one of our tw...


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You'll have access to both monthly arrangements (sheet music)! Plus, all rewards above!


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If you support us at this level for 3 months, then you can choose a song for us to cover (once a year)!  Plus, all rewards above!