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About Quinn Wolf

Hi. If you're here, you're either familiar with me or my work. This page is where you can donate a couple bucks to making sure both continue to exist. Thanks for being here.

My name is Quinn Wolf. I'm a 19-year-old trans woman who spends her time doing independent audio production. You might know my independent music, my podcast The Quinnsider on the Comfort Zone network, or my work running and producing for the Luminous Studios network. Between schoolwork and my attempts to find stable employment, my ability to work on these projects is limited. This is why I'm turning to you for assistance.

What will my money do?
  • Fund my transition.
    • This is an important one. Being trans is more expensive than most people might realize. I pay every month for prescriptions that keep me alive. I'm trying to save money for more expensive parts of transition further down the line. Not to mention the items I need in order to present as unambiguously myself - clothes, makeup, and the like. This is a way to directly support my existence as an out and proud trans woman making things for people like us.
  • Free up time.
    • This one is self-explanatory. The less stress I have over my finances, the more time I can dedicate to creating things. For music, it means putting that much extra polish in lyrics and production. For podcasts, it means more research and more interesting topics.
  • Purchase audio gizmos.
    • I've been working for a couple years with almost entirely free software and budget hardware. However, the more I learn about making audio, the more use I'd be able to make of better tools. Some of your money will buy things like microphones, interfaces, studio monitors, and even instruments and samples.
What do I get from this?
  • Independent music
    • I make chiptune-adjacent instrumental songs on my Soundcloud and nostalgic synthpop songs on my Bandcamp.
  • Podcasts
    • #CONTENT: Concepts from the world of media. My co-host Cole and I discuss stories and ideas relating to the creation, consumption, and critique of all kinds of content - from books to television to video games! (to be recorded)
    • The Blind Eye: The art that has been forgotten by the Internet. This solo venture aims to delve into the stories, themes, and ideas behind some flavor-of-the-month Internet jokes and some underappreciated gems. (in pre-production)
    • This Thing Is Bad: Contrary opinions on pop culture's darlings. My friend Jack and I trade goofs as we express our grievances towards some of the world's most popular media. Occasionally we bring on guests to infuriate! (currently airing)
  • Podcast Curation
    • I run the podcast network Luminous Studios alongside my friends Cole and Jack. Together, we manage a growing family of audio producers that share our passion for art and media. 
  • Audio Treats
    • Check the reward tiers for other fun goodies that I cook up from time to time. You can get access to exclusive demos, pilots, and lost clips from my music and podcasts! Not to mention first dibs on requests!
Finally, thank you so much for visiting this page. It means a lot to me that you're here. Please consider donating a couple dollars to help me show the world that we are here, and we are ready to make our mark.
$5.22 of $15 per month
Hormones. This is the (current) monthly cost of the medication that keeps me alive. Even if everything else in my life falls apart, this amount per month can keep me going. I'm gonna send everyone a little thank-you note when we get here.
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