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is creating BAD CHOICES: A Dystopian World of the Near Future

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I'm trying something new here.
Maybe you know me already—nice to see you!—and maybe you're just meeting me for the first time. My name is Andy Batt and I'm a photographer. I've been working in this field for 20+ years. I wrote a book called Camera & Craft, taught in the Masters of Photography program at SVA, have led workshops, and lectured about photography. My work varies greatly, from masterful portraits of interesting people to fine art landscapes. Now I'm launching an on-going self driven personal project titled BAD CHOICES. It's a post apocalyptic narrative that I've created from scratch.

I'm launching The World of BAD CHOICES. It's a continuous act of self assigned creation, designed to activate all the creative parts of my self—I'm writing short stories, creating characters, collaborating with other artists, and traveling all over the PNW in order to create this wonderful (terrible) place.

What is this place? Patreon
is pretty unique—it's by-design a way to thrown some money in the hat's of artists. That's it—no super lofty goals of saving the world, no crazy schemes—it's about giving you an easy way to fund ART. Right now, ART is hard to do: studio rents are out of this world, supply costs have gone way up, food is expensive, and talented people deserve to be paid something for their efforts (I'm talking about paying my crew!). Patreon gives you an easy way to give a buck (or more) to this project.

Every dollar you give goes directly into this project: from building props to feeding the crew on shoot days, any contribution of any size helps this project move ahead.

Maybe you got here from the Misled No.1 Graphic Novel I've seeded to the winds, or you've followed the link from IG @badchoicesproject, or you've stumbled on it with some good luck. Patreon let's you decide how you'd like to support this. I've chosen to set this up with a monthly re-occurring donation* —which you can cancel at any time. You can throw in $1 and let that ride for a year, or drop some serious cash in to say "great job!". There's some basic backer rewards (designed so I don't lose money!), and you're going to get access to the BAD CHOICES PROCESS BLOG, and get some pre-sale opportunities whenever I create some cool printed materials.

Patreon also gives me an easy platform to blog about the project—so this is where you can read about the PROCESS and other aspects of the work—as a PATRON ONLY BENEFIT!

I've been working on Bad Choices since 2015. It's a labor of love that I want to share with other fans of the genre. So far it's cost me over $15,000—largely out-of-pocket. That's a BIG CHUNK OF CHANGE! But consider what that has covered:
21 Shoots: Includes a 2 day work-shopping shoot with the actors; 9 location shoots to create the poster backgrounds, 9 in-studio shoots for the characters, & a 1-day on-location shoot for the Misled No.1 Graphic Novel.
Days of Pre-Production: Many, many days of location scouting, sketching and holding planning meetings with my collaborators; My collaborators have spent many hours/days designing makeup FX, building props, designing + sewing costumes, prop shopping, and set-dressing locations.
Days of Post-Production: Countless hours spent in Capture 1, Lightroom, Alien Skin, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create the work.
Multiple Writing Retreats: I've been lucky enough to do multiple writing retreats at a secret island in the Puget Sound that would make an awfully good location for a scene in the Bad Choices world {there's an amazing old Ferry that is just sitting there, begging for a story}.

I'm committed to building more and more of this world—it's incredibly challenging to wear this many creative hats, and it's a big financial undertaking to fund this creation. I've chosen QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY, so by the incontrovertible logic of craftsmanship, that means it will take TIME to do. The more money I can put towards this project, the faster it moves. 

Posters: each character gets a unique poster. This is made up of 2 shoots: a carefully chosen location, often lit, set dressed and propped without the character; and an in-studio shoot of the character, in a carefully designed costume, with makeup FX to match; lit to match the lighting from the location shoot. The 2 final images are then painstakingly retouched together.

Cine Stills: frames from the not-yet-made cinematic TV show. These are done in a similar technique as the poster. A key difference is the locations shots are done with an anamporphic 40mm lens to give it a true cinematic visual.

Graphic Novel(s): by taking short narratives from the world of Bad Choices, I've begun to create visual interactions and dialog with the characters. It's a way of telling stories that contribute to the overall narrative, but don't have the requirement of being part of the main story arc. I'm very excited to keep creating these—the first one, Misled No.1, has been a satisfying process, and I'm excited to make some limited print editions

Chapbook: This will combine short stories about each character and a unique set of character portraits.


What do I get for my support?
A warm and fuzzy feeling. I'm going to use Patreon as a Process Blog - a way to show my backers how this is all being made. I'll  post BTS images, retouching breakdowns, sketches, and anything else I can come up with to let you guys in on the creation side of the work. You also get early access to new finished work before it goes live anywhere else. There might be some times when I'm looking for opinions and feedback and you all would be the people to give that.

Can I get something more? How else can I support the project?
I will make fine art prints, posters and other stuff available at a steep discount to Patreon backers. Watch the blog for announcements.

What will you do with the money?
Any *tips* you throw in the jar go directly into the project. That lets me build sets, buy props, create wardrobe, feed the crew, rent lighting gear and create special FX.

I'm excited to see where this project takes me and glad to have you along for the ride! Please, join my journey into Bad Choices.

-andy batt
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