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Straight out of the mind of Gary The Hammer himself comes a show that's devoted to the way thoughts magically rattle around in his head. We'll have blogs, rants, limericks, and everything in between on the things that Gary and some of the other Bad Habits crew would like to talk about.  Product reviews, politics, etiquette, everything and anything will be talked about, and if you have an idea you want his opinion on, simply post along in the comments section of each blog.

As an extra special bonus, you'll get full unfettered access to our regular shows, commercial and editing free.  Yes, we do edit ourselves... slightly.
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Access to our exclusive shows and specials; Overtime, Bad Habits Movie Club, Church of Geekology, Head Games, and more!!!

Gary and the crew kick back and watch a few movies together and give a few critiques on the bad habits inside.  Listen in, watch along at home if you've got your own copy.
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More Shenanigans!!!

More episodes of things that can't be shown on the regular network, things that might require a lesser person to seek profesional help, or to think we need it.




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About Bad Habits Network

When it comes to Bad Habits, We know the best ones.  Join the shows on this network as we cover various topics that on how we enjoy life!

  • Shots From The Balcony - where anything and everything is a target.
  • Lord, Sir and Daddy Radio - your every day dose of Kink.  
  • Beautiful B*tches - Mari and her crew create their own brand of chaos.
  • The Lord's Asylum - educating through entertainment, the masses to the world of kink.
  • Blown Pistons - everything and anything about cars, well anything that has a motor.  

For your support, you'll have access to special content from all of our shows, even pilot episodes that if we get enough support, will be made into full fledged shows.  Find our shows at:

  • On iTunes (search for Bad Habits Network in podcasts). 

Give us a listen, won't you?
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We do not charge for regular shows and we would like to keep it that way.  Help us bring smiles to people and keep therapists in business.
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