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You get our music AS SOON AS IT'S MASTERED!   - as soon as we've finished working on our music -  before we've even sent it off to the distributor and way before it's released to the public -YOU GET IT!  This could be 3-6 months before it's available to the public!

PLUS all the previous level stuff... entire back catalogue plus exclusive live compilation, the pin, the 20% off, the exclusive merch!

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PLUS all the previous level stuff... entire back catalogue plus exclusive live compilation, early releases, the pin, the 20% off, the exclusive merch!

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We can't thank you enough!! Each month you will receive a hand-selected box full of Bad Mary super-exclusive items. We will be including things like -  original hand-written lyrics - NOT COPIES - but the actual lyric sheets we used to write the song; back-stage passes from previous gigs; CDs and merch from other bands we play with during the month; exclusive photos of the band at our gigs; hand written notes from the band. Basically, it's personal! Stuff that means something to us that we want to share with you for being so amazing.

And of course, everything at every previous tier - including credit on our next CD!



About Bad Mary

Hey there!

We are Bad Mary, a punk band from New York! Critics say our sound is like New York in the 70’s but with a modern vibe - which isn’t surprising since our main influences go from Blondie and The Ramones, to Green Day and Paramore. Our music is an in-your-face take on life in our current culture. We like to hold up a warped, fun-house mirror to the world we see around us and we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Bad Mary is like this little circus that happens where we basically say, ‘You know what? We don’t give a shit, we’re having a good time’. We want to push back on all the crap going on in the world because that’s not what’s important, that’s not where your life is – life is in the fun and the joy.

So what’s the deal with Patreon?

Becoming a patron gives you access to the Bad Mary community where you will be the first to learn what's in the works, receive updates, and will be able to interact directly with us and other Bad Mary patrons.

There are also additional levels that include access to the complete songwriting process for our new album. Seriously - completely unfiltered access to every rehearsal and writing session. You can also choose to get downloads of rough demo tracks that will never be available to anyone but our patrons. And if that’s not enough, you can get monthly Q&A sessions with the band where we answer any questions you might have – and hey, we might ask you questions too! We’d love to know what you think about the direction we’re headed in, how the new stuff sounds, or whatever we think of.

We are totally excited to get started and hope you will come along for the ride. Got to admit, we’re kind of nervous about turning the cameras on but we think we can make some great music together and we know, no matter what, it’s going to be a blast. We’re also looking forward to getting to know you all a little better too. Thanks! See you soon!

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