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Hi! I make videogames! That's hard financially because rent's due monthly, but people generally don't buy your game until it's out, which can take years. Yikes!

Some of the larger things I've worked on in the past that some people actually liked a lot: Eidolon, and Viridi.

Right now I'm working on a tactical RPG with a big open world full of magical little goblins, called Tenderfoot Tactics. If you support me financially on here, I'd like to thank you with super secret early builds of this thing.

I'm also working (with many others) on a sort of quixotic, utopian project of democratizing our old games label, Ice Water Games - helping projects and teams that share our spirit, and in doing so also inviting them in as equal members in a democratically run organization. IWG is money-free for now, which means that some of what you're funding when you support me is the time I spend working on our website, emailing press, interviewing new IWG members to make sure their labor practices align with our goals, etc etc.

Many links and such over at my website -

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