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- I will share with you WIP images during process of my personal projects

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Nguyen Ba Dung
Founder of 4pixos Studio & 4pixos Training

Hi guys, I created this patreon page so I can have some helps from other people to keep on my RnD on Archviz, which is my passion and my job. In return, I can share with you all of the knowledges, experiences.. and other materials that could help you in your work.

The idea is pretty simple, I often do personal projects for research and fullfill my passion to create something beautiful. I'm also an Archviz Trainer so by doing this, I will have more examples and materials for my courses later. 

Now during the process of making these stuffs, I will share with you guys WIP images, assets that I created, even the entire scenes and finally a Making of, so you can have some ideas of my approach for different cases from aesthetic aspect like how to find inspirations, analyze and find art directions.. to technical aspect like lighting setup, materials, render settings.. Last but not least, I'm planning to share my post production workflow as well, sometimes it can really bring images to next level. 

The cool thing is now, your requests can be my next projects !

You can choose different level of supports and different of rewards from WIP images, shared assets, shared scenes, quick tutorials, full making of.. to choosing topic for the projects that I will do and have my support in emergency cases. Just remember that, whatever supports you choose, I appreciate and that will help me to have more and more cool stuffs to share with this community.

Along with this, I also teach full Archviz course with Corona Render. If you are interested in, check it out here :
$4.35 of $500 per month
Invest more hadware equipements for Archviz Research and Developement.
In meantime, I will focus on GPU renderings, I want to setup a rig with 7-10 high-end cards, like this one from TomGlimps,  it's gonna be awesome if we can make preview in seconds even with heavy scenes and archviz by then will be like photography in real life !
See how beautiful it is :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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