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About Bagman Studios

Hi there.  My name is Abbas Husain-- thanks for visiting my page!  Once a week (sometimes more) I put out a new Strange Kingdom comic.  I love drawing animals, food, dinosaurs and other weird stuff and try to make my comics as pretty as possible. I am illustrator and also sell hand made screen prints, usually at the same level of weirdness.  More than anything, I hope you enjoy these!


Why Patreon?
While I always have a store to sell original art, Patreon is a great way for generous people to chip in a small amount every month to keep the comic website running (and ad free!) and keep me full of tacos.  I will of course be making free comics to enjoy no matter what-- but I could sure use some tacos.  But seriously-- thank you deeply to anyone who does decide to become a sponsor.


For $1 a Month you're really nice and just want to chip in a dollar every month to help keep things running.  

For  $3 a Month you get FULL ACCESS TO MY PATREON PAGE which includes behind the scenes drawings and sketches and in process shots of comics as well as screen prints and other projects.  And you'll also be able to see comics earlier than they premier anywhere else.

For $5 a Month you become an OFFICIAL FRIEND OF THE KINGDOM
You get what's listed above.
-You'll be listed as an official sponsor by name on my friends page on Strange Kingdom
-You will be mailed a POSTCARD EVERY MONTH

For $15 a Month You Become a Best Friend of the Kingdom
-Everything listed above (including the postcard)
-Listed as a Best Friend of the Kingdom on the blog, with a Cartoon Animal Portrait of your choice
- A brand new PRINT OF THE MONTH
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