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About Bahtiyar World

Bahtiyar World is a famous and internationally popular blog that provides men of all ages around the world with high-quality, premium articles, online courses, videos, and ebooks on business, finances, travel, sex, personal development, psychology, philosophy, and many other interesting and beneficial niches of our life.

For almost 5 years, Bahtiyar World has been producing high-quality content for absolutely free. We don't use any ads in order to provide you with a higher quality user experience, nor do we disturb your attention by offering different products for sale. Now, we see that crowdfunding our project will undoubtedly benefit our users, and therefore, we decided to change our model. Bahtiyar World is now available only for premium users who support our online project.
We strongly believe and hope that you will join our family!
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When we reach this goal, Bahtiyar World will expand new horizons. We are going to grow into a big company and community. Every member who has ever supported our project will be a respected and honorable member of our family. 

What we really plan to do is to build a big community of people with similar interests around the world. Financial resources will definitely help us achieve this grandiose goal. Here is a couple of things that we are planning to carry out on a regular basis when our goal is reached:

  1. Organize closed VIP parties for members of Bahtiyar World 
Most users of Bahtiyar World are men who are interested in manly things such as women, money, sports, and masculine entertainment. We definitely know what men around the world want, and we will surely give you what you want.
   2. Organize regular seminars around the world to perfect         members of our community

The goal of Bahtiyar World is not to merely entertain men, but we try to educate and perfect personalities of people. A man without intellectual and spiritual development is a mere flesh. This is why we will do everything in order to make you more developed and smarter.

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