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About bakaqeyama

Welcome! ♥

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Hello and welcome to my patron! 😊
You can call me Dom or King, and I'm a freelance artist based in the US.
I’ve been drawing ever since i could hold a pencil and got heavily into drawing anime/manga back in middle school! Art has always been a huge part of who i am as a person and i've always strived to make the most of my little hobby. Now im 24 years old and working towards creating art as a full time occupation, and have decided on trying a Patreon to make that process a bit easier for myself ♥ If you wish to support me and stick with me through this journey of mine I would be forever grateful! Any kind of support is always appreciated ♥
My content here will mainly consist of fanart and fanmerch from My Hero Academia, as that is my biggest inspiration and fandom right now! My favorite characters are Bakugou and Kirishima, so you will be seeing a lot of them here haha
Im pretty new to drawing fanart and making merchandise of my own, but it is something that brings me a lot of joy and hope to be able to share that with you all through the different tier options i have available! There will be opportunities to even vote and help decide on what future store merch and patreon-exclusive merch i do ^^

1. When will i be charged?

Patrons are charged up front when they pledge. This means that you will be charged the day you become a patron, giving you access to all content shared within your reward tier for the current month!
Payments will then reoccur every first of the month after the initial charge
2. When are rewards distributed?
after payments are processed for the month;
discount codes are posted in the beginning of the month, physical rewards are mailed out at the end of the month, and digital rewards are posted throughout the month!
3. Will you have merch bundle items in your store later?/How can i get merch bundles from previous months?
All merch made for the merch bundle are patreon exclusive! There is a new bundle every month, meaning that in order to receive a bundle you must pledge within that bundle's month. (Ex: pledge in august to recieve august's bundle, etc) I have no intention on selling the patreon merch in my store, but i may look into setting up a separate password-protected store for patreons to purchase previous merch rewards at a later date 😊
4. Can i change/cancel/upgrade my pledge?
you can always change, upgrade, or cancel your pledge at any time! Since you pay up front when you pledge:
- If you increase your pledge, you'll be charged the difference between your current tier amount, and your new tier amount, giving you access to the new tier's content instantly.
 - When you cancel or downgrade your pledge, it will be reflected the next month
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once we hit this goal, i will hold request livestreams at least once a month! ♥ you'll have the opportunity to request characters and prompts for me to draw while in stream
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