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About bakka cosplay

Hey guys !

Thank you for steping by, I am grateful for your interest in my potato-work ! :D
I'm bakka, French-German Hobby cosplayer since 2005 and freelance special effect make-up artist since 2012. I'm passionate about transformations, extravagant costumes, wigs as a hobby.

My living are (wig) commissions and SFX make-ups for movies etc.
Since 2005 I gained many different experiences which I share daily with the community to give something back. This also enriches my current job which enriches  again my hobby...
See how I did wig stylings & the check entire Junkrat Making-of, my biggest project so far.

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Where do your donations go ?
To you ! Because thanks to your help, I can purchase materials and tools needed for more content : The projects mentioned below.

Needed tools :
(Easy and quick : Check

high quality compact camera (Sony RX100 3 600€)
Dremel and adapter (60€ + 24€)
- Portable battery for the booth at conventions (tba 200-250€)
- Small band saw (250€)
- Small vakuum chamber (pump 294€ + container 270€) (Now : picle glass + fridge pump!)
- steady cam to my compact camera and phone for better costume, convention and making-of videos (283€)
- Industrial vacuum cleaner without bags :O

Cosplay plans :

Done :
RanFan (Fullmetal Alchemist) 2017 done ! Pictures soon !
Junkrat (Overwatch) done ! (
San (Mononoke) with badass weathering ! ( with Arda wigs

Now :
- Kim Possible with Shellshocked as Ron
- Leeloo (Fifth Element) With Arda wigs
- Princess "Slave" Leia (Star Wars) With Arda wigs
- A make-up book and wig book for cosplayers. The make-up book is on the way !

Ideas :

- Junkenstein (Overwatch) withShellshocked Cosplay
- One huge epic project with two more great cosplayers... ;)
- Leela (Futurama) with Shellshocked as Fry
- Heavily weathered Son - Goku with glowing SSJ-wig and Cellshading (DBZ)
- Disguised Alien (Mars Attack)
- VI (LOL) big and badass
- Furiosa (Mad Max) With Lara Wegenaer ?
- Witchdoctor (Diablo 3)
- Twi'lek [pic] (Star Wars) with much weathering
- Female Boo Majin with LED eyes and prosthetics (DBZ) with Farbstark
- Michael Jackson Werewolf (Thriller)
and more of course...

Meet me on :

Looking forward to an exciting future !

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