is creating games, gameart and awesome pixels
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About Bakudas

Hi, I'm Bakudas and I create things!

Designer, pixelsmith, illustrator and art enthusiast. I like to create and develop stuff at Estúdio Vaca Roxa with some friends and partners.

Hallow: Forgotten Heroes
I'm developing this game for a while it's a Hack-and-Slash Dungeon Crawler with some Roguelike's elements and you'll could play with you buddies in a pretty neat local multiplayer: 

And my last game Soulstice: A Tale of Two Souls


Your help would sustain me while I work on these projects and you'll get to see it all as it happens.

Some assets pack I've crafted AND you can download right now for FREE:
Generic Platformer Pack
Epic art & assets Collection
Game UI handmade

2% complete
Tutorials and Timelapses

Videos and post unveiling the most insane tricks behind all this blah blah blah

The content? You decide!
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