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About Baldnerd

Hi there. I'm Robbie Ferguson. All my life, I've enjoyed having projects on the side to give of my talents to anyone who might benefit. From the webcast I started in 2007 which is still on the air today (Category5 Technology TV) to several Linux distros for single board computers (and other platforms). I'm a creator, an innovator, and a giver.

While some of my projects are big enough to have their own Patreon pages, there are projects I'd still like to fund that don't really warrant a separate page. Besides, what if you'd like to just support me for the sake of supporting me? Whether I take my wife out for dinner, pay a bill, or upgrade some personal gear, this Patreon page is a place where, if you simply appreciate what I do and want to support me above and beyond the projects themselves, I'll greatly appreciate it!

Things I do and give away for free:
  • Category5 Technology TV
    A free, tech-centred web videocast established in 2007.
  • NEMS Linux
    A free, highly customized and "improved" implementation of Nagios Core for asset monitoring on home or enterprise networks.
  • Catching Nuance
    My wife writes short stories, so we created a video series that turns them into documentary-style videos.
  • PlexPi
    A Plex Server implementation for Raspberry Pi. This is something I'd like to be able to dedicate more time to as it is out of date.
  • Nebulinux
    A personal cloud distro for ODROID CloudShell2. This is a coming project I'm working on.
  • Baldnerd SBC Build Bases
    Vanilla Debian server distros to use as a build-base for many different single board computers. I typically release the new stable version of Debian at least 3-4 months before it becomes available elsewhere.
  • Lastline Backup
    A firmware for NAS Units that converts a standard NAS into a ransomware-protected backup device for write-only backups with daily retention. This is a coming project I'm working on.
  • Minecraft Server for Raspberry Pi
    First released in January 2021, this useful script automates the deployment, configuration and tweaking of a Raspberry Pi-based Minecraft server. I created and tested it on Category5 Technology TV S14E08, and am sharing it with you so you can easily replicate our setup.
Plus miscellaneous tools such as:
    A programmatic "what is my IP" service that isn't cluttered with ads and cruft.
  • Set Linux Date and Time Nerdgasm
    A helpful tool to generate Linux CLI copy-and-paste code to set the date and time of any Linux system.
Since this is my personal Patreon, it's a great way to get some behind-the-scenes look into me personally. The more this grows, the more exclusive content I will add.

THANK YOU for your support! One day, I'll be doing these things full-time. For now, your support will go into my pocket, and help me do the things I love to do (and justify them to my wife - haha!)

Robbie // The Bald Nerd

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