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About Bali Animal Squad

Thank you SO much for taking the time to visit our page and thank you from the bottom of our hearts to hearing us out. We LOVE animals, and we just want to help as many as we can.

My name is Stevie and I am the founder of Bali Animal Squad, a charity based here in Bali, Indonesia. After moving here in November I instantly realised I needed to help the thousands of animals who, for whatever reason, aren't being treated well, or who aren't being given the proper life they deserve. Here is where you could come in...

For us, like many small charities, we are completely self funded or have small, random donations fly in from time to time. This is fantastic and really helps many animals live a better life, but we aren't thinking small, we're thinking big!

I have personally sterilized over 15 dogs, do daily street feeding of the stray dogs here in Bali, and have a fostering network where locals and westerners temporarily home animals before we re-home them permanently. We also give medical care to those in need and provide food and medications to the local community.

We want to build the first all in one Vet, Rescue Centre and Doggy Day Care. Essentially the doggy day care will fund the rest of the project but we have to start raising the necessary funds in order to do this, while still helping the animals and our community. Can you help us in the fight to give every animal in Bali a fair and healthy life?

If you can't become a patreon at this time, I completely respect and understand that. All I say is if you can help spread the word on all the work we do, that would be immense.

Any questions feel free to contact me on Instagram @balianimalsquad but for now, that's me signing out.

Yours forever gratefully,
Founder of Bali Animal Squad

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