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Greetings Traveller, welcome to the Inn of the Seven Dice. We appreciate your patronage and every little moment we get to spend with you is another great part of our day!

What you get!

- Homebrew Creatures pdfs

- Our Undying Gratitude

- Creative updates

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You are our Roabies and our beloved supporters. You'd carry Ronee's bags into any dungeon and would be glad to lend a hand in even the most dangerous of times. We love you for that!

What you get!

- Everything from the previous tier

- Character Audio Journals

- Additional One Shots for some fun extra lore!

- Lore-isodes of NPC backgrounds and how they came to be!

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Welcome to the War fellow Chosen. For this tier we have you aid us in this wonderful world of collaborative story telling and contribute not only an individual to this wonderful narrative but also a magic item. There will of course be exceptions to this, we will not let you bring in a god slaying instakill blade but you can be as creative (within reason) as you want with a magic item or even bring in a cursed one! To top it all off you'll also be able to vote on polls each month to help shape the show, be it characters showing up, enemies planning things, and terrible events coming down on them!


What you get!

- Everything from the previous tiers

- Create an NPC that will appear in the show!

- Create a Magic Item that will appear in the show!

- Vote on polls to help shape the future of Ballad!




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About Ballad of the Seven Dice

"Welcome Traveller, I suppose we were going to meet here eventually, weren't we? As a bard, I venture that my craft thrives and for that I need your help. We have an assortment of new stories to tell you, insight into our heroes' minds, and perhaps now and again a tale of far far away in lives long lost to the modern times of the Forgotten Realms." - Wingover Gimble, Famous Gnome Bard

Hey there folks, we at the Ballad of the Seven Dice welcome you to our Patreon page! We are another one of those crews creating a Dungeons and Dragons podcast. You're probably wondering to yourself, "There are tons of you out there, why should I bother with you?" That's fair, there are many of us groups, and so so so many of them are absolutely spectacular (Believe me I listen to well over 20!). What we can say to that is we strive to do our best to bring you a story, one that resounds in that brain palace of yours! We want to bring you both the tabletop experience of our games and fun but also the audio drama moments that can cause you to really stop and get lost in the mental imagery. We know this sounds like we're prattling a bit but  give us a listen and you'll see exactly what we mean! 

We want to be transparent with you where your money goes and how we will go about using it to support this show! So let us begin!

  • Hosting: This is the first hurdle we want to tackle. Podcasts are seldom free, and if you want a good space you need to put the money in for it. 
  • Website: This is a big one, we have been looking at setting up a website to help host our episodes, our lore, character and NPC info, and all sorts of maps! This would be a huge thing for us and we would be blown away if this happened.
  • Equipment: The ever burning struggle! Equipment is not cheap and we will need to continue to build ourselves up if we want to bring you the audio you deserve! What kind of equipment are we talking about? Mics, headphones, mic arms, PC parts if our computers are singing their swan song, and web cams so we can hopefully get to streaming these lovely moments for you fantastic people!
  • Art: Here's a wonderful one, we want to support more artists out there and get some stuff commissioned. That's two birds with one expensive stone. We would love to commission more art from many people out there and with your help you can see the characters of this show come to life with the artists skills!
  • Merchandise: Oh buddy, this is a gooder! We would love to be able to bring you Ballad of the Seven Dice merchandise. This would blow my mind any day of the week and seeing anyone wear it would make me pleased as punch! Ideas for merch are things like stickers, pins, shirts, dice bags, dice trays, posters, you name it we are thinking it! 

That's where our minds are at right now, and the sky is the limit as they say because you will run out of oxygen in space! Love that quote. We have a lot of aspiration and probably too much ambition, but we are looking to push that boundary and bring you the stories you deserve with the quality you deserve. Thank you for any help you can bring us, whether it is tossing some dosh our way to keep us floating or even just tuning in and enjoying this crazy story and its wild ride. We appreciate every little thing you all do. 

Thank you for any and all support you send us, whether it's following our heroes on their journeys, helping to spread the word of the Ballad of the Seven dice, or being a Roabie.

Thank you for everything.

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This is a lofty goal, but with this we would look at recording a second show. We would hire an editor and have fully produced bi-weekly releases and our Patreon supporters would get early access to all episodes. The show would be focused on our homebrew fantasy world we are creating called Loch Realta that exists on the edge of known space as a last bastion of defense against the horrors that dwell beyond what we understand. Expect creepy planar fun, ancient advanced tech, brand new races, and the weird and wonderful!
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