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About Can't Fly is a website where you can upload your RocketLeague® replay files and get access to:
  • An in-browser 3D replay viewer: useful to view the whole field at once, easier to spot patterns, rotations, etc.: 
  • For every replay: a bunch of an in-depth statistics:
    • Boost: BPM (boost consumption per minute), Collected/Stolen pads, Big/Small pads, time spent with 0 boost: 
    • Positioning: time spent in defensive/offensive halves and thirds, average distance to team mates and ball, positioning heatmaps: 
    • Movement: Average Speed, time spent on ground/in air, Powerslide stats, ...: 
    • Demos inflicted/taken stats
    • Camera setting
    • ...
  • Population statistics: Compare stats between ranks, seasons, playlists, ... 
  • Player statistics: Compare you own stats against the population/other ranks average
  • Create replay groups (for tournaments, series) and get access to per player, per team, per game, .. stats
  • ...

The site keeps growing with more & more users & content: more than 1 million replays have already been uploaded & processed. is actively maintained with bug fixes, new stats, new charts & visualisations, new pages, and is mainly driven by feature requests from its users: /r/RLballchasing/

My Goal

Is to keep
  • Free to use, without limits (unlimited number of replays per user for example)
  • ad-free
  • up & running

You can help with the hosting fees:
  • The site is running on a beefy server (12 core Xeon, 32GB of RAM) to provide fast replay parsing/processing
  • The replays are stored on a Cloud Blob Storage service (Azure)
Both of those come with a cost (a bit more than 100€/113$ per month).
$695.99 of $700 per month
This will help cover the monthly hosting costs of

* Object storage: with more than 40 million replays files, their associated generated data, e.g heatmaps and 3D replay viewer data, this translates to more than 62TB of storage
* Servers: 4 beefy servers for the website/API/replay processing behind a load balancer, 1 extra beefy server for the database, another server for the database backups
* One staging environment where I test new features before rolling them to the main website with a similar architecture but with 3 "small" servers.
* Backups: one server located in a different datacenter which receives the database backups (8TB+ of data), another server where the backups are restored once a day. As the saying goes: if you don't test your backups, you don't have backups !
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