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Every little bit counts, and your support is awesome! 

Every month, you'll get:

- Access to the monthly 800cc pack: an assortment of 5 patreon-exclusive images, along with the backlog of all previous 800cc packs

- Access to special patreon-only announcements

- Exclusive FabPharma Supporter role in the balloondolls FabPharma discord

- Participate in content creation polls, ability to post and comment to ask me stuff,  or just suggest ideas.

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Moving on up!
As a monthly reward you will have access to:
- All FabPharma Supporter perks, plus the FabPharma Shareholder discord role
- The Shareholder 2000cc pack: A brand new 15-20 image set every month, plus the entire backlog of past 2000cc packs.
- All current and past 800cc packs (NOTE: for Shareholder and higher tiers, the 800cc packs are bundled with your tier's pack. Packs posted before Sep 29, 2018 are archived and condensed into single posts for each tier, with links accessible at the top of the feed)

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Now you've done it, welcome to the Board.
Monthly rewards:
- The Board Member Ultrapack, which contains all work seen in previous tiers, plus the entirety of the work created throughout the month.
- The FabPharma board member discord role 
- Backlog to all previous work I've created (NOTE: for Board Member and higher tiers, the 800cc and 2000cc packs are bundled with your tier's pack. Packs posted before Sep 29, 2018 are archived and condensed into single posts for each tier, with links accessible at the top of the feed)
- Exclusive previews and finished pieces/image sets of new and upcoming work.

Includes Discord benefits





Exaggerated, Hyper enhanced models ahead. Laws of physics, biology, anatomy, and other reality-associated matters do not apply.


I make Big Bust, BE/Transformation, implant, and hentai inspired 3DX in the form of pinups, image sets, written stories, and lately comics. Image and content packs for each reward tier are released on the 15th of every month via posts and Direct Personal Messages (PMs).


Welcome to FabPharma, a revolutionary corporation on the bleeding edge of cosmetics and biological research, for the betterment of humankind!

That's the public pitch, anyway. The megacorporation known as FabPharma is on a mission on changing humanity as we know it with their Nereidyl serum: a mysterious substance capable of fulfilling its users' most wild desires, and then some. Free of disease, injury, even completely prevent aging and preserve health, become... anything.

Will humanity flourish with this marvelous discovery, what future will it create? Follow along as FabPharma's plan unveils and we delve into the unknown future, with lots of sexy, titillating twists along the way!

NOTE: Pinup requests for the $50 tier are only available to be submitted during the first week (7 days) of every month. Please plan accordingly when pledging as requests after this timeline will not be able to make it to production for that specific month.

Simply put, your sponsorship helps me continue working and creating.

As a way of saying thanks, you can access the entire backlog of the thousands of high res 3D rendered artwork and image sets I have created, and continue to regularly create every month, either partly or in its entirety, depending on your pledge.
(NOTE: Due to Patreon's layout, navigation right now is somewhat tedious, since there's A LOT of posts. I'm currently in the process of reorganizing content to be much more streamlined, pardon the dust meanwhile!)

Also, you'll get an exclusive look into the production end of my work. Anything I find worthy of sharing with you fine sponsors, you'll be the first to check it out, from model tests to sample renders I make along the way of creating finished work.

Additionally, all patrons can vote on transformation polls focused on certain ongoing character's story lines, as well as polls geared towards what content and image sets I will be creating in the future.

So, if you're into my kind of crazy, come on in! Your support means a whole lot :)

- bd

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100% complete
Reaching this monthly pledge goal will allow me to save up resources for improving and expanding on the technical side of things. This means better and faster rendering, which is the biggest wall I have to contend with on the production end, as it limits my output quantity wise (less time spent rendering = more time spent on creating new material).
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