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A soliary buck won't bleed you dry (we appreciate you too much to kill you), and it keeps us on the air, buys equipment, and (more importantly) help us promote hard working bands, and keeps them doing exactly what they should be doing: being heard!

Your hard earned bread earns you the following:

-Ad Free versions of our entire catalog of audio versions of the podcast episodes, day one (no equipment, no editing, nothing but heart) to current (slightly more experienced and polished)!-

-Posts outlining what's happening now, and what's coming down the pike for!-

-Photos of underground bands and shows!-

-The undying gratitude of the entire BamBamJack crew-

We love you!
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About BamBamJack

BamBamJack exists to flood the universe with heavy music.

Being disciples of homegrown death metal (not to mention hardcore punk rock prophets),
we absolutely couldn’t survive without you!

For that reason (before we go any further), let it be known:

Everyone involved at appreciates the crap out of you!

We appreciate your time.

We appreciate your support.

We appreciate the fact that you're here.

Time is precious, and you’re spending yours reading about our plans and ideas (hopefully soon joining us in supporting local music everywhere), when you could be doing literally anything else.
Thank you!
Having said that, on to the goodies:

BamBamJack is not a record company or show promotion company. We’re not in the business of band management or artist representation.

Supporting and encouraging local talent is the nuts and bolts of what we do. By way of the Sound of the Underground podcast, exposure on, and providing top notch local services (photography, promotional writing, etc…) we help local music scenes flourish, because we believe thriving artists enrich the planet for the rest of us!

BamBamJack is creating a MOUNTAIN of content to release exclusively on PATREON.

We are super excited to roll out exclusive content to our Patreon subscribers! Your support means the world to us, and we love you for it!

See you at the show!


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Stuff... that Works!

We're gonna buy ourselves some mics and mixers (because putting out our death metal podcast with the plastic Barbie USB mic we're currently using makes us feel too dirty!)

Also, we're getting better cameras and buying actual toilet paper for the bathroom...
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