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About Banana Juice

Next release: Chapter 2

Estimated release date of the next chapter: Mid October
Estimated release date of the next update: September 10-15

Current public release - Chapter 2 version 0.1

Windows 32: MEGA - UP2SHARE - RACATY
Windows 64: MEGA - UP2SHARE - RACATY

The name of our game is Star Maidens. It is a visual novel with a deep extensive storyline, well - developed characters and a role - play possibility. We put an emphasis on creating an interesting setting and a high - quality script. When working on the gae, we were looking for the inspiration in some old-school iconic works: The X-Files, Star Wars, Lovecraft, Stephen King and others. 

If you missed the interesting stories and look for some adventure - this game is just for you!

Since the beginning of time, Star Maidens have maintained the universe harmony. Hiding from the mysterious cult followers, they live on remote planets in various parts of the universe. The heiress of the ruling dynasty on one of these planets is blessed with the Star Maiden gift. During the ceremony dedicated to her reaching the age of majority, the world of the princess is attacked by the evil cult. Hiding from the invaders, the princess makes an unsuccessful jump through space and becomes a prisoner of the mysterious astral world. Jack, a teenager boy, who is the main character can’t even imagine, that he is the only one who can save the princess and the whole universe from imminent death.

1. How many chapters will be in the game? How much content will be in one chapter?

For the moment we have a script for the first two prologue chapters. We plan to release a game, which will consist of 10 chapters. On average, one chapter passage will take from 1.5 to 2 hours. Besides, each chapter will have from 60 to 100 unique illustrations, not taking into account the backgrounds, characters portraits and interface.

2. What mechanics will the game have?

At the very core of the gameplay is a system of parallel storylines, leading to various endings. Various branches will give an opportunity to look at the game characters from the different angles, completely revealing their personalities. Each character will get his own unique story, developing simultaneously with the main plot. Besides, characters’ attitude to the main character will play an important role. If you receive their trust and approval, you will get a lot of great bonuses. The gameplay will consist of several mechanics. Besides the classic novel genre, we intend to add some other genres to the game.

3. What genre does the game plot have?

Star Maidens is an epic plot game, created in the space opera genre, for which we have designed a whole universe, having its own laws, history and legends.

4. How many characters will be in the game?

In the game there will be more than 30 characters with their individual personalities. At the moment we have manually created a unique appearance for the most of them. Trust me, you will definitely like them!

5. How often will updates be released?

It will take us from 1 to 3 month in order to create the each chapter. However, we will release some intermediate builds which will have enough content, so you won’t have time just to get bored :) We truly look forward to your support, as it will let us buy the necessary equipment and provide us with more free time to spend it on creating the game. You can see the progress of new versions release here.

Thanks for reviewing the game description and expressing your interest in our project! We put so much effort, time and heart into the game creation before we have released the first build. It’s your turn now! Support Star Maidens and become a part of our team. Together we can reach any goal and create a really interesting and atmospheric game! We are glad to share with you this amazing feeling of creation. You can always learn about our plans from the immediate goals, feed posts and on our discord server as well. Check the timeline below to see the current progress. Join us now! Together we will create a game that will become a legend!

We are open for communication. If you have any suggestions or proposals, feel free to email us at [email protected] or to the discord. We will be very glad to hear from you!

If you faced a certain problem or found a bug - report about them to the discord or email to [email protected]

Here you can find us in Discord: Discord channel

All game characters are above the age of 18 years. The game does not contain any content prohibited by the policy of the site.
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