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About Bankteller

Hey Bankroll Family!!!

First and foremost, we are still here!  Bankroll was born in the depths of crypto winter and now we are one of the largest communities in crypto.  We got this far by supporting each other and sharing the gift of global financial inclusion with our family, friends, and a connected community around the world.  

To take things to the next level we have to tap into the power of the many, we are strong.  In 2020 I want to be able to double down on development and at the same time reduce sell pressure on BNKR during our initial growth phase.  To be 100% transparent, projects often fail when the development teams depend too much on their tokens for income.   I am proactively reaching out to the community to make sure that Bankroll's positive future is secured.  I am please to report that Bankroll has been able to operate profitably in 2019 and we are only going to grow faster in 2020.  By eliminating the need for custody to sell we can accelerate that growth starting NOW! 

We have survived and now it is time to thrive!!!!  Every day you support 100s of brands, but only Bankroll is yours... only Bankroll is 100% dedicated to your economic and financial future... a future that cannot be taken away!  Now is the time to contribute and protect your future in these early stages.

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Let's hit 500 patrons! When we do I'll add 500K TRX to the BNKR Depot!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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