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Congratulations, you're a human! You're pretty edible and you don't have a lot of teeth, but you're helping to support the comic and that's what matters! You get:
  • To feel good about supporting BANQUET!!
  • A 94% guarantee that you will not be eaten by any hellbeasts for at least 24 hrs after your first pledge! >__>
House Sabinius
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Welcome to House Sabinius, the house of Hellhounds! As a member of House Sabinius you get access to the patron only activity feed for tons of sketches and wip pages and pin ups. Also hellhounds are rad, just ask Bernard!
House Sabinius members receive:
  • Access to endless sketches and WIP updates on the activity feed!
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Just the Sauce tier is for patrons who want to see only the 18+ nsfw and kink art! You will receive this art but will not see the early updates or other worldbuilding information from the Banquet comic!




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Hey there, I'm A. Szabla, aka Sabin/Sabinius!
I'm an Eisner Award Winning webcomics artist and writer who has been working professionally in art and comics for over 10 years! My biggest projects are BIRD BOY and BANQUET, but you can also follow me over on social media, I'm active on twitter, tumblr, and instagram!

This patreon focuses on my latest webcomic, BANQUET, and is also home to the nsfw queer and kinky art I dabble in based on the characters!

Banquet is the story of a human baby who falls into hell and is adopted by two gay hellbeasts: the king of hell, Hadrian, and his hellhound bodyguard (and faithful sub!) Bernard. The comic will also follow a large cast of demon and human characters and should be a really fun ride!

This patreon will give you access to early updates of the comic, sketches and worldbuilding notes, but ALSO is where I post all of my queer erotic and kinky art based on the Banquet world and its characters!

I currently work at a full time art job alongside creating my comics and this patreon, and It's always been my dream to work on my comics and art exclusively. This patreon will go a long way in helping me attain this! Please consider pledging to help me reach this goal, and see some fun saucy art along the way!

$3,920.55 of $4,500 per month
Someday in the distant future we will meet this goal and I will immediately quit my dayjob and make comics and weird spicy art all day every day and you will get new exclusive comics and patreon content DAILY.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 388 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 388 exclusive posts

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