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$1 /mo
This is a just because level that says "I support you and what you're doing". Please know  that even a dollar is a way to support my channel and more :-) THANK YOU!!!!

Level 2

$5 /mo
  • This is another level at which you can be an awesome Patron and help me produce more content for Patreon and youtube! A lot of the Patreon content is early release (you see it first) or exc...

Level 3

$10 /mo
This is the third level! Like the 1st and 2nd level pledges but a bit more! I will be happy to send you a personal thank you message and you'll be allowed access to many fun farm girl pictures and ...

Level 4

$20 /mo
Ready to pledge $20 or more? Please read my Patreon introduction first to become familiar with what is offered here on my page. Pledging $20 is an amazing gift and it makes me feel incredibly fortu...

Level 5

$50 /mo
Are you considering the amazing gift of pledging $50 or more? WOW! Please read over the previous levels and my introduction. Of course you will receive any rewards preceding this amazingly committe...

Level 6

$150 /mo
Okay almost at a loss for words! It is wonderful that you are able to commit to this level which will definitely impact the way I live. This is by itself a bit of cushion and more than helps me wit...

Level 7

$500 /mo
This is a "because I can and like to help" level :-)
  • The greatest appreciation!
  • Plus all previous rewards

The Producer

$1,000 /mo
I won't even ask how you are able to do what most of us cannot. As of right now, no one has ever done THIS!!! At this level, you are a producer and your pledge opens up a whole buch of possibilitie...

High Roller

$5,000 /mo
Because high rollers like to share! A short thank you video and any or all of the things from all previous levels that you may want! Thank you!


$10,000 /mo
This is here for those who enjoy my entertainment and feel that they can afford to help at this level. I will make a non-nude but very personal video just for you that i know you will enjoy :-)