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About Liesl Eck

About Me
My name is Liesl, but in the Wasteland community I'm known as Banshee. Art is my passion, and through pop culture hits like Fallout, Mad Max, and The 100 I've found my perfect place for expressing that passion! I've been crafting with repurposed and reclaimed items since 2009, and started making outfits for various cosplay groups and events in 2013, but I always felt something was missing for me personally. In just the last few years I've become completely infatuated with dystopian and post-apocalyptic themes and I ended up finding a community through wasteland events that help inspire me to keep building creative and bizarre pieces of art. Now I get to create unique pieces that challenge me creatively and share them with other fans!

What I Love to Create
Outfits, bags, survival kits, tools, weapons, furniture, sculptures... even books! Because of the immersive nature of the events I do, everything I use/take has to be handcrafted (or hand destroyed) by me. I also make items to trade, sell, and give as gifts. 
My favorite things to make are day-to-day items that we take for granted. Things like post-apocalyptic teacups and umbrellas are a ton of fun to play around with. Being a creative writing major, I also love writing, and I try to carry that over into my wasteland work! I've written two zines based on wasteland survival and am currently working on a pre-war/post-war cookbook.

Where Do I Take All of These??
I am a part of a vibrant community of fellow artists, fans, and hooligans that is all over the US (and the world!). I attend wasteland events of all sizes, from themed nights at geek bars and comic shops, to conventions, to huge weekend long immersion events like Wasteland Weekend. You never know where a Banshee might be roaming around!

Future Plans
I hope to be able to expand my workspace to include better tools for welding and furniture construction. All of my current projects are more small scale due to space constraints, and I can't wait to share bigger pieces in the future! I'll continue to press the limits until then!

*A huge thank you to all of my patrons for your amazing support! I'm able to create so many new wild ideas thanks to your contributions.*

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