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I make music videos about movies and TV shows, sometimes even Games. It`s more than a hobby for me, it`s a way of life. I take pride in my work and enjoy the creative process. For me there is nothing more important in life, than to create something that will outlast you. I`m a student of film and one day, I hope to create my own original material. I try to make my content regularly, to constantly give my fans something fresh and innovative. I love when someone addresses my work in any possible non-offensive way, because it`s very important to have admiration and criticism, when you`re creating something. Admiration helps you appreciate your work, for what it already is. And criticism helps you constantly doubt yourself and always look for an improvement. These things keep you in check and help you create a better content, for all of you, who enjoy it...
This is an old video of mine, but I think it still shows my goals pretty clearly:
I`m currently involved in creating a new website, that will help people from all over the world, to discover my country:
0% complete
My goal is to improve my creative hardware, to be able to create a higher quality content, for my viewers.
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