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About BarakalypseNow

Who Are You?

Hi, I’m Barak. I created an educational YouTube channel dedicated to breaking down news and politics in our contemporary historical moment for my friends and family. I believe there’s never been a more challenging time for the average citizen to comprehend the enormous barrage of information that we all face in our efforts to be informed citizens of a democracy under pressure. I aim to deliver my own research and commentary on a vast range of critical issues to my viewers and supporters – including fascism, neoliberalism, racism, demagoguery and propaganda – but I can only do so with YOUR HELP!

What Will You Do With My Money?

Your support enables me to aggressively locate the ever-shrinking signal hidden in the noise of our 24/7 news culture. I create deep dive video analyses of complex and intricate topics. Your contribution also earns you tangible benefits focused on creating an intelligent and curious community around these issues, including early access to my work, solicited critiques, and even one-on-one conversations with me.

With enough support, I’ll be able to work full-time to generate this content on a predictable schedule without the pressure of affording basic necessities like food and rent. Everything beyond those expenses will go right back into my craft, improving my production quality and providing the highest-quality commentary I can.

If you want an example of the kind of work I want to make more of, check out my newest video, "This Is Neoliberalism ▶︎ The Chicago School (Part 5)."

Why Are You Doing This?

We are currently living through one of the most dangerous and precarious periods in human history. Lethal disinformation is rampant, a pandemic is raging across the globe, income inequality is continuing unabated, and climate change threatens to upturn the habitability of the planet. Understanding the convergence of these various crises is imperative to taking corrective action and creating a more just and sustainable world for all. That’s why I’d rather be educating myself and others about these crucial developments all day, every day, than working a conventional job that changes nothing about our situation. YouTube and Patreon – with generous support from my viewers and readers – allow me to generate a basic income that guarantees I can keep doing the work this moment demands of us as citizens.

What Can I Do To Help?

The number one way to support my work is to contribute to my campaign via Patreon. There are numerous tiers of support, each with their own unique rewards that aim to foster an engaged community between me and my supporters, and between my supporters and each other. Each tier includes all of the rewards of the tiers before it. If you can’t contribute through Patreon, that’s OK! You can still make a one-time donation to me with PayPal! But even if you don't contribute, I would still love it if you watched and read my work, left me comments and shared it with your friends; that way you will still be participating in this community while helping it grow at the same time!

Thank you to everyone who supports me. It means the world to me that I can do this kind of work with the help of my friends, family and complete strangers who know that a better world is possible.

In solidarity,

Barak Bullock
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At this level, the basic cost of my rent and and utilities will be covered, and I can make videos and other content full time with no worries of being kicked to the curb!
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