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Welcome to the Patron Plus tier! Okay, so I haven't thought of anything clever to name it yet, but I will soon! I intend to keep in regular contact with you folks to see what you guys enjoy! From there, I'll make sure that my feed doesn't disappoint! This rank also comes with an invite to the official Barascrawls discord, where I'll sometimes host voice sessions while I stream art!
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You guys are amazing and generous, and for it, I will reward you well! I'll give access to alternate versions of artwork, exclusive pieces that won't be published or posted anywhere else, and occasionally surprise one or more of you with doodles of the things I've learned that you like! This is of course in addition to all the rewards in the previous tiers!
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About Barascrawls

Barascrawls here! I'm honestly just an artist who enjoys bara -- especially drawing it! A lot of my work is focused on bringing original characters to life. There's fan art in there, sure, but there's honestly nothing more satisfying to me than rendering someone's OC into a piece of art. That's probably why there's so many Highlanders and Roegadyn in my body of works! Of course, I'm not limited to drawing just that. I enjoy challenging myself to try new things at times -- usually with fun results.

I've been drawing for a little more than twenty years now, it's insane...though I've only been doing it regularly and somewhat seriously for five. With each piece I try to learn a little and improve on the next -- I'm no art student, everything I know is self taught, so there's a lot of room for me to learn! It's a journey I embark on gladly. I hope you all enjoy the fruits of my labour!

I've been trying to keep a presence on a lot of different platforms/social media sites. You can catch me on Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt, Furaffinity, BaraAddiction, Ko-Fi, Gumroad, and Patreon! If you enjoy my stuff and want to toss me some support, I'd be thrilled! Support does come with rewards and goodies of course. Outside of that, I'm just here to draw some bara and have fun.

I do take commissions, but typically I announce my openings and how many slots I have. If you're interested, keep an eye out for those announcements! You can always pop me a message to find out my commission status at any time though -- or just to say hi!

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Thanks to everyone who stuck with me to hit my first goal! I'm working hard to crank out rewards for you guys, and I couldn't be happier! I set my second goal to an ambitious $250 this time, which I will yet continue to invest in new equipment; as well as the time needed to do a weekly comic! Stay tuned to my feed for doodles and designs of it!
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