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About Barb Carbon

Barb Carbon is a folk/roots-rock musical artist from Georgia, USA. She performs as a solo act, as well as with her musical partner, Arrie Bozeman, in the band The Ain’t Sisters. Carbon’s influences are rooted in the beautifully raw, gritty sounds of Shovels and Rope, The Avett Brothers, and Lucinda Williams, and the earnest, inspired songwriting of Patty Griffin, The Indigo Girls, and Brandi Carlile, among others.

Barb makes music that is as accessible as it is personal. A masterful poet, Carbon is able to strip away the layers of her own experience, exposing the nerve and laying her finger on the emotional essence of our shared struggles and hopes.

Boldy exploring genres, she delivers her art dressed with a punk rock edge, an alt-country drawl, or the trappings of kick drum-driven Americana, but at the core of her diverse catalogue beats the heart of folk music, which has always existed for the same reason - to tell our truth.

Carbon has two forthcoming albums. Marrow, the debut release from The Ain’t Sisters arrives in Atlanta November 23, 2018 and world-wide January 11, 2019, while her solo debut, The Fighter, is due out in late spring 2019.

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This is a note from Barb. First, I want to thank you for taking the time to check this page out and consider becoming a patron. Thank you! I also want to let you know why I'm using this platform and what I think it means for the future of music. I discovered Patreon after watching Amanda Palmer's Ted Talk ( and reading her book, The Art of Asking. The music business is confusing, constantly changing, and nearly impossible to navigate. Technology is constantly churning out new music platforms which is greatly increasing accessibility (for fans) and reach (for artists), but simultaneously making it more difficult to understand how we can ensure that artists are being compensated for their work. What I love about Patreon is that is says - screw it! If you like this artist, this music, this comic strip, these videos... you can CHOOSE to offer direct compensation, AND in return you get access some cool stuff to which you wouldn't otherwise be privy. This system creates slack. Creators are freed up to create. We can spend less time worrying about chasing down every penny of our royalties. We can afford to go straight back into the studio with the new material that bubbled up while we were finishing the last record. And it's all because of you - the people who support us and love what we do. Other than the (IMHO very reasonable) cut that Patreon takes to maintain the platform, there's no middle man. Art lovers get to voluntarily and directly fund the art that they love. It's a beautiful thing. I'm glad you're here.

Thank you.
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$500 a month is huge. Expect to see me releasing some singles in between full length albums and maybe even a few produced videos.
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