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Barber World TV  Multi media company that explores and highlights the barber culture globally.We recognize the influence barbers have on the communities they serve and want to continue sharing culture of barbering globally with a thriving online community of supporters. Whether it’s our international videos, podcasts, hair shows or barber battles, BWTV is committed to impacting the barber community as the voice, ears, eyes and nose of the true barber/ artist.

We're thrilled with how much people enjoy our content, and really believe we can grow our channel and do amazing things in the barber community. Your support means the world to us, and Patreon offers a way to grow that support. Fans like you can pledge a dollar amount of your choice towards our content, and in return receive some rewards.

Your money goes towards the production, recording, and other costs associated with keeping our channel running. It also gives us the flexibility to work on other projects and branch out into new areas.

We sincerely believe in what we do, and hope you believe in it as well. Our aim is to build a community here of our most dedicated supporters, who will grow with us and help shape the future of our channel. We take your feedback to heart, and want to engage with you every step along the way. Check out the rewards listed below to find out how we can work together to foster a thriving family of barbers!

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