Jim Connelly is creating blog posts about "Certain Songs"

$5 /mo
I haven't really thought about rewards, so $5 a month would definitely merit a hearty "thank you!"

$10 /mo
For $10 per month, if I ever did an ebook of "Certain Songs," you'd totally be thanked in that. 

$15 /mo
For $15 per month, you'll have exclusive access to brand-new "Musical Moments To Die For," a tiny podcast where I discuss the exact part of a song I love the most.

$20 /mo
If you pledge $20 per month, I will take requests. Is there a song you think I should have written about when I was writing about one of your favorite artists? I'll write it as an exclusive.

$25 /mo
For $25.00 per month, I'll write about any song you want. As long as it's on YouTube or Spotify, that is. (And I don't already plan to write about it in the future.)

$30 /mo
For $30 per month. I'll do the request thing, and if there's ever a "Certain Songs" e-book, you'll get it for free. (Not sure how I'll do that, but we will figure it out.)