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About Barnivore

Wait, booze isn't vegan?

That was my reaction almost 20 years ago when I learned that things like isinglass (fish guts) and gelatin (collagen from skin and bones) were used to process many beers and wines before they're bottled, and various animal ingredients could be added to the product to stabilize the taste and feel.

So, in 2001 my partner and I started getting in touch with some companies around us that we enjoyed, and a small list was born. We published it online on a vegan site I was running at the time, and it grew... and grew... and eventually broke off into its own site,

Over the years, we've grown the list to over 40,000 products. The info comes largely from our readers, who share the responses they got with us (we provide a handy copy/paste script.) I take the responses, check to make sure they're complete, and add them to Barnivore.

With submissions coming from around the world, it's not a small amount of work (and trust me, it's not something you want to fall behind on!)

Your support will not only help cover costs related to running the site, it'll also help me grow the team so I'm not spending all the time adding entries. There are a ton of new features, new designs, apps, and so on that I'd like to add, but I can't do these things alone.

Going vegan can feel really complicated, and having a one-stop listing for new vegans to find on Google as soon as they hear that their wine might not be vegan can make a big difference in their journey. It's a good feeling to know you're helping, and I hope you'll share that feeling by supporting Barnivore on Patreon.

(Oh, and if you're wondering why you need to give a shipping address, it's mostly for tax purposes, but if we decide to do some giveaways down the road, that'll probably help too!)
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