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About Barry Barnett

Thank you very much for checking out my site.

    Do you believe the world is going to hell from wars, cataclysmic climate change, pollution, corruption, and economic disparity?  That the mainstream (corporate) media are ignoring, or downright lying, about the most vital events directly relevant to your life?

    What gets you excited and wanting to take action?  Are you as fired up as I am about the wretched state of politics and the environment?

    I’m obsessed.  Night and day the state of the world haunts me.  The corruption of the wealthy few and the destruction of the environment are unconscionable, inexcusable.  I am compelled to write; it pours out of me every day.

    You will get those stories here.

    These are stories you can’t get from your blare box propaganda, regurgitated wholesale from corporations and the government (same thing).

    We need to be informed about what is really happening in our world...the behind-the-scenes deals; the causes of the broken promises of clean air, water and soil; the lies of government exposed; the financial and imperial manipulations.

    But wait!  The progress and successes in reversing climate change and prosecuting polluters must be reported, too.  The heroes of consumer protection, those who fight and save threatened animals of land and sea, the few honest politicians - those will be featured, too, and more.   Also, how we can organize and create positive change.  There is so much to write about!  Also, I may occasionally include some of my original poetry, satire or humor.   Gotta lighten up…

    This will be a forum for you, too, an interactive site.   I will publish your articles as well.  Check out my rewards.

All this for a minimum of $1 a month.  Check out my many free sample articles, and please consider trying out my original writing for at least one month, whether you are progressive or just want to get the real scoop.
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If you have seen my intro video, you know that I am missing most of my teeth.  This is due to the failure of Medi-Cal (welfare) dentistry.  I need $6000 to get two dental implants and dentures - then I will achieve the goal not only of eating and appearing better, but I will be able to present myself better for public speaking and making videos on the urgent environmental and political subjects I am writing about.
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