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I absolutely love creating. Whether it's painting, drawing, making films, performance art, or sculpture, I love it all. I'm really just a big kid having while finding my place on earth. Being self-taught, I'm always interested in working in different mediums and trying new things. It's by far one of the most rewarding parts of creating. Over the last few I've been very fortunate to have work shown across the world and recently decided to dive full-time into my passion and pursue a career in art.

Each piece is unique and unlike any other projects that I've worked on. Some projects are planned, some just pop-up.

I work with many different materials and always make pieces that are environmentally safe.

Some pieces tackles serious issues like violence and injustices happening around the world, and other focus on sounds and movement.
Most of the time it's to bring laughter and joy:

I also really love writing. Combining writing and art together is a blast.

Volunteering teaching art in the community and making murals is a great way to give back to the community and also helps the youth with understanding how to problem solve with art.  

You supporting my dream helps me to continue making pieces across multiple mediums, creating HQ video lessons, and supporting more studio growth.
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Oh What Wonderful Hair is a story wrote and illustrated from me about the daily adventures that we go through while doing my daughters hair. Each hairstyle get's name after a different food or animal. This book is for all ages and hair types that enjoy trying different hairdos.
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