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About Barubaro

An human, a set of peculiarities trying to make sense. On social media: arts/graphics/design/music/films/nature.

I am a visual artist, with studies in graphic design and photography. From an early age I have lived in several places in my country. However, my interest to evoke my birthplace, my home town, it influences the themes and content of my artwork.

To talk about my artistic process, it is necessary to mention a beginning in the traditional and academic artistic drawing, where a starting line is marked towards an exploration in a searching of an identity since it, through the observation of an immediate environment: nature.
Subsequently, the combination of traditional and experimental techniques, together with authentication strategies through processes and materials; It produces a search for a style from the exercise of organic drawing, improvised composition and without formal pretensions.

Consequently, more a desire to express emotions of the moment through the materials on a support, than a representative intention of the natural image. Due to this process, it awakens an interest in valuing and elevating the error or the formal alterations, as an own gesture and improbable to replicate with accuracy; thanks to the way of execution where each attempt formulates variations from the flow of the stroke to the gesture itself. This as a consequence of an intrinsic cognitive process in resistance to mimesis; which in turn, ends up defining a style if the manias are taken into account when making strokes or stains on certain support.

On the other hand, the close relationship between free figuration and the subconscious with emotions; recognized as the nature of humanity in its various states, which make up the framework of the being as a whole. Thus the lines, textures and colors that we find in nature, are equivalent to human emotions and can be transmitted directly to the senses, or through neuronal processes that allow us to identify a visual language that grants the communication of nature with the human body, through the perception of an abstract representation of emotions by means of the gesture of drawing.

Barubaro. 2019.

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