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First, let me offer my thanks to those who follow and support the work and charity of the Basement Dragon, its volunteers, and its outreach, with both your donations, and more importantly, your attention.  

The Basement Dragon began as a tongue in cheek joke on a particularly badly behaved and abusive religious party, pointing out the absurdity of quoting from a holy book someone else doesn't believe in, to support the truth claims he was making and the insults he was hurling.

What it became...was something else, a place to archive and debunk religious frauds, spread scientific knowledge, write critiques of religion and culture, educate people about science and history, create a citation based academic standard of discussion (see our discussion group linked through the Facebook page) and even do charity work, raising money for education, donating supplies, supporting medical care, and more.

Through our work creating memes that spread knowledge or debunk frauds, or our written work highlighting poorly thought out religious positions and promoting secular humanism, we're working to better the world, and we're happy to have you with us. 
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On reaching this point I will begin:
A.  Continuous advertising outreach for content
B.  Also creating weekly animated videos.
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