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About Basic Brown Nerds

Basic Brown Nerds is shaping our own narratives. We are tired of people telling our stories. Our history and legacy as a people have been burned and hidden from us. Yet our ancestors were scientists, engineers, artisans and our story has been coded in our music, art, and culture to live on we are on a mission to decode it and tell our stories to rebuild our empire.

If you want to make a one-time donation it is @joyvaleriee (last digits of number 7337) on Venmo and $joyvaleriee on cash app. Please let us know it's for Basic Brown Nerds, all of the money donated goes DIRECTLY into software, operational expenses, and hiring editors. 

So Why brown? We are BROWN . Joy Valerie who started this project with her hs friend Grecia in Suffern, NY - they found themselves being "in-betweens"  with their identity constantly questioned not being accepted by the Latino community for "acting white" and not being accepted fully by white communities because - well we aren't white.  Being nerdy and wanting to learn and gain knowledge is not a white thing - it is a right we all have. 

Joy Valerie is ethnically ambiguous, she is a first-generation Guatemalan- American both her mother and father are from Guatemala. Her mother from Huehuetenango and father from Puerto Barrios. She grew up in multicultural Queens, NY and always wishes she was a mix of cultures like the people around her. 

She found herself always being questioned when she said she was Guatemalan and set off to travel the world always "blending" and being mistaken for the closest brown folk there, she realized most of the world is brown. We all are a mix of our ancestors that have been traveling and exploring the world with a complicated history.

Finding her own story she realized she is a multicultural and racial mix of all the people that have lived and gone through Guatemala. 

We are so tired of having to be a model minority, of trying extra hard to prove ourselves and not being accepted by communities. We just want to brunch and build back our empires. 

So how are we going to do that? Live our best lives, but telling our stories. That we are descendants of people that built empires even though the world wants to gaslight telling us it's aliens (que es esa basura right?) . 

We  want to tell the story of our people, on our home planet, because the truth is 


No matter how much people try to stop it. 
We are resilient that has overcome every attempt to get rid of us. 

as Supaman the Native Hip Hop Artist says,
"every breath you take is in defiance of those that wanted you gone" 

So ahi Vamos juntos, with black, brown, indigenous, queer, and allies all around the world and we're excited for you to be a part of it. 

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