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About Bat in the Sun


Here at Bat in the Sun, it has always been our mission to give the community awesome content that celebrates the comic book/ sci-fi/ fantasy/ video game culture, but now with the changing platform of Youtube it has become harder to generate revenue to fund our projects. Therefore, we have turned our attention to Patreon!

That's right!!! Without your support, Super Power Beat Down will cease to exist.....

Did you know that each Beat Down costs anywhere between 25k to 50k? Since the beginning we have mostly self funded all the Beat Downs out of our own pocket, but with your support we can keep it going!

Not only that, we also have a ton of other shows, Reaction Spandex, The Waiting Room, Podcasts, Trivia Beat Down, Train like a Superhero, and introducing new original material! 

We wanted to make this Patreon worth it for you guys, so we tried to cram a lot of stuff in the tiers, like exclusive videos, behind the scenes content, exclusive photos, signed prints, music tracks, and even the ability to Skype with Bat in the Sun creators and actors!

We are blessed to have you guys and want to extend a huge thank you to everyone!

Let’s make some awesome content together!

Aaron & Sean, and the whole Bat in the Sun team

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