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About Battlefield Agency

We are creating a next generation, independent anti cheat and database lookup service. On our site, you can find features such as name histories, server tools, linked accounts, player physical locations and much more.
We also offer a plugin for enforcing our global ban list and your own network- or location based bans on your ranked server and you can choose to automatically kick VPN users.

For free, you get:
  • A PRoCon plugin to protect your server using our ban lists and apply location- and network based bans (only available through the Discord server right now)
  • Basic lookup just by logging in on using your Discord account, including:
    • Ban status, including PunkBuster global GUID ban status. You can't get this anywhere else, not even on pbbans.
    • Basic server tools (shows provider, uptime, etc.)
    • Server history (who played where when?) (updates delayed for non-patrons to protect from stalking)
    • Name histories

Check out our low priced tiers to see more on the site!

We would love to offer these services to the community for free but we have growing operational costs (running a 70+ million row database doesn't work on a $3 server!) and have spent countless hours developing everything, and time is money!

Join our Discord now and go to!
Note: Joining our Discord server and linking your Discord account in Patreon is required to receive your awards.

Disclaimer: We are in no shape or form affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc. or EA Digital Illusions CE AB (also known as DICE). Battlefield® and Battlefield 4® are registered trademarks by Electronic Arts Inc.
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