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About Battle Order

Welcome to Battle Order's Patreon page!

Battle Order is a multimedia website seeking to create a comprehensive, in-depth guide to military units, their equipment, organization, and doctrine. We are looking to provide a breadth of multimedia content, including videos, articles, and infographics to explore this subject matter.

We started this project because of our own interest in military topics, and the lack of a one stop shop for info across a variety of time periods and cultures.

We want to give history buffs, wargamers, gun aficionados, or just anyone interested in military history or organizations a reliable resource that they can reference like an encyclopedia with ease. However, creating such a resource is quite the time commitment and will need investment to continue to elevate the quality, frequency, and accuracy of our work.

We hope to one day be directly funded by our audience so full-time content production is possible. That's where you come in.

Now what do you get out of it?
Among out rewards are exclusive wallpapers, access to our Patron-exclusive Discord, credit in videos and, for higher tier members, producer credits and the ability to get your ideas made into videos.

Everyone who pledges gets access to the high resolution "Battle Order" desktop and phone wallpapers, while those who pledge at $10 or more get new, multiple wallpapers every month made just for Patreon.

Our Discord is a great resource, staffed by the Battle Order team and the smartest individuals we know when it comes to military concepts.

If you enjoy our content, would like to help us grow and take advantage of the perks we offer, we would greatly appreciate your patronage!
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