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About Baud2Bits

Two thousand years ago a virulent disease began to spread across the world from the Middle East. We now have the possibility of a cure for this virus. Mass education through mass communication.

I was the person who moaned and did nothing - what can one person do? I have discovered that one person, prepared to put the effort in, can educate themselves enough on a wide range of topics and use that knowledge to demolish the immoral anti-science hate fueled bigoted output of religious extremists.

I'm assuming that you are here because you've watched my YouTube output and liked what you saw.

I will keep doing YouTube videos regardless of whether anyone supports me. But I will not be making the videos that I want to make simply because I am already subsidizing my YouTube channel out of money that I really do not have to spare. I am on a fixed income and that is severely limiting what I can produce. If you have watched my take-downs of creationists then you will know that I source scientific literature, newspaper archives and purchase hard copy books to ensure that I cite original references whenever I can.  It is an obvious truth that I could have chosen not to purchase Geology And Hydrogeology Of Carbonate Islands at a cost of around $120. I chose to spend that money and more so that I knew of what I spoke when I dismantled AnswersInGenesis publications regarding Coral Reef Growth.

Accessing newspaper archives and scientific literature also costs me more per video than I could ever hope to recoup by monetization alone.

I am researching topics including early religious belief; the the end of magical thinking in The West, Medieval miracles, Holy relics, The evolution of the human brain, and Creationist educational material. My main limitation [apart from time] is financial. Every book I pick up has a bibliography as long as my arm. I make every effort to source material freely off the 'net. I have a hard disk dedicated to out of copyright books in pdf format and indexing and search software to allow me to make the best use of them. However in-copyright books have to be paid for as do up to date scientific articles. Of course there are also historic manuscripts which can only be viewed in situ and for which I incur travelling costs.

So, what do I want? Nothing! Offer me nothing and I shall carry on as I am. But with your help I think that my channel can be so much more. I would like to step through the human body - starting with the brain - to show how ridiculous the idea of intelligent design is when considering a body which has evolved through mutation of basal forms and clamping on of cobbled together optional extras.

On a separate thread I want to delve deeply into how superstitious beliefs, both within and without religion, have developed in The West from Second Temple times until today.

And more and more. I read constantly and am always looking at new angles with which to demolish the house of cards that is primitive superstition.

If you have enjoyed the ride so far - why not help me shift it up a gear!
$12 of $666 per month
666 of you pledging $1 a month and I can set aside five full days every month to work on the Definately Unintelligently Designed series. Starting with the brain, I will produce a video a month exploring the human body to show how, far from being intelligently designed, it is actually a mess of primitive and evolved components cludged together and far from fit for purpose.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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