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About K-Zo da Snowman

B-Boy Time is a weekly webcomic about breaking and dance culture by me, K-Zo da Snowman. If you feel like supporting a free comic, sign up to be a patron here! B-Boy Time will always be ad free regardless of your patron status.

K-Zo first started breaking in 1998 after seeing a street show. His mother bought him a “HIP-HOP” coin bank from L.A.’s Koreatown coin bank with illustrations by Kim Soo Young. So began his second hand education in hip hop. After a ten year lapse, K-Zo began breaking again with the UC Santa Cruz Breaker’s Club. Here he was inspired by Jonathan NG’s Floor Kids. K-Zo joined the Delicious Lawn Gnomes (Maryland) crew in 2011. Nowadays you can catch him in a cypher, making a fool of himself on the dance floor.
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