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Who Are You?
I'm the developer behind the Mac apps CodeKit and Muzzle

Is That All You Do?
No. I also run a small heroin empire and occasionally say funny things in release notes.

Why Should I Support You?
I'd like to make CodeKit free. If enough people contribute a few bucks each month, I can pay my bills without charging for the app.

In fact, if I can replace CodeKit's normal revenue, I'd *really* like to open-source the app so other people can help me improve it faster and so that the neckbeards who downvote things on Stack Overflow can criticize my code. 

What Will I Get?
The satisfaction of helping to keep indie Mac development alive. And heroin. Lots and lots of heroin. 

Is That It?
I've also been fooling around with a "dark mode" for CodeKit 3. I'm thinking I might make it available only to people who support me here.

Will You Implement Feature X If I Support You?
There is a strong possibility that, at a minimum, I will not *mock* you for requesting Feature X. Unless Feature X is related to Ruby. Friends don't let friends write Ruby.

Does This Mean CodeKit Is In Trouble?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. I work on the app daily and it will be actively developed for years and years to come. I'm just experimenting to see if I can transition to a different business model so I can make the app free and open. 
0% complete
If I reach this goal, I'll make CodeKit available for free.
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