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is creating queer-hosted open source cloud software and communities

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$5 a month will pay for 50GB of drive space and reduce our overall costs!

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$10 a month will seriously reduce the cost of running these servers and help us keep things up and running!

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Oh wow! At $20 a month or more, you're seriously helping contribute towards running these sorts of open source alternatives to corporate cloud software! With this kind of help, we have a lot more freedom in expanding to serve more folks!




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About Beach City

This patreon is about This includes a mastodon instance, write.freely instance, and a NextCloud instance. In addition to renting virtual server hardware, we spent a lot of time on these services, setting them up and maintaining them. we also spend time helping with community management, including welcoming new users, blocking bad users and instances, and more.

When the community helps pay for an instance, they take ownership over it.  Once our monthly hardware bills are paid, we'll also start to pay our admins a small fee in exchange for all the work they do for this place.
$37.12 of $48 per month
With $48 a month, Beach City's Mastodon instance is completely paid for by the community! The owner still pays for the domain name and for Beach City NextCloud, but this is a huge milestone!
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