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February 1, 2021

Hi I’m Bear Clifton.
I’ve been a pastor for the last 25 years, but I’ve written stories since I was a boy. I’ve always believed in the power of story to change lives and change culture.

People would always say to me in conversations where we’d grouse about Hollywood, “Well why don’t you do something about it?” Well in 2016, I decided it was time to try.

And so though it took more faith (or perhaps idiocy) than I’ve ever exercised in my life, my wife and I sold our home, I stepped down from the church in Connecticut that I loved and served for 20 years, and we moved to Hollywood so I could take time to write my little heart out.

And what do I have to show for it? The sabbatical lasted 40 months. During that time I completed three movie screenplays, two novels, five episodes for an hour-long TV series, a 40-day devotional on sexual wholeness called Train Yourself To Be Godly, and a devotional on the Beatitudes called Living Under The Cross.(as well as lay the foundation for a new ministry built around the purity book, called Train Yourself Ministry.

In November 2019, I returned to the East Coast, and to ministry, to pastor a young, promising church called Bridgeway, an hour southeast of Washington D.C. I thought that I could launch the marketing phase of my writing "on the side", but then the big-bully Covid-19 strolled into town, and all that "extra" time disappeared. 

Now 2021 has dawned, the Nudge is back (did you know that God "nudges" us?) stronger than ever, that it's time to get to finishing what I started five years ago. 

Believe is or not, but this is the most challenging and uncertain part of this entire adventure: attempting to get these projects into the hands of the movers and shakers in Hollywood. And marketing doesn't come cheaply. I continue to maintain two websites, invest in networking resources (like, a subscription service which provides me with a database of connections), as well as software and training to develop and share pitches and queries, and once the coronavirus loosens its grip on things, travel back to Hollywood and networking conferences.  

So why should you take the chance in supporting this particular artist? Well it gets back to my original question to you. Do you want to see better shows, better movies, better entertainment coming out of Hollywood? Then here’s one practical way to do it. Help support a proven writer, and a lifelong pastor who wants to stay near the front-lines of Hollywood.

I can’t guarantee you what will happen. I didn't go to Hollywood like so many Christians have in the past saying, "God sent me here to change the world!" I have no idea what might happen.

But what I do know is each and every one of my projects has won or placed high in several major script contests. And I’ve had several Hollywood producers give me promising notes from a couple scripts. I crossed paths with a veteran agent who offered to give me his help for a season. And with a little push, and a lot of prayers, and some good fortune to smile on me, maybe this dream can become a reality.

How can you help? Using Patreon of your portal,  you can set up a small account, and in ten minutes, everything’s up and running. And if you only want to give a one-time gift, it’s easy to deactivate your account. But for us, your support of any amount would truly be worth more than words can say.

And please, if you know anyone who like you wants to see better entertainment from Hollywood, share this with them. Let them know of this pastor who’s trying to make a difference. Direct them to my two websites. (My scripts are right there on my writing website for anyone to read.) Have them write me. I’ll answer any questions. 

I’ll do the writing, if you’ll lend a hand, and together maybe we can change a little piece of Hollywood.

I hope you'll enjoy the video below that I recorded halfway through our California adventure. 

God bless!
Bear Clifton

$4.58 of $1,000 per month
Our first Patreon push in the autumn fell far short of expectations. As such, the writing and marketing goals I originally set for myself had to be trimmed considerably.

Still I'm so grateful for the friends who supported us this past winter. Your gifts have been an incredible blessing. Every day I was able to stay in the home office or be on the road to continue my work was because of your generosity.  

Our spring pledge campaign will more modest and realistic. For the goals we've set for the next few months, see my recent blog post to the right: "Goals For Spring 2018".
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