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Philip Brown - the bearded math man

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Philip Brown - the bearded math man




Thank you for supporting math education!  

My name is Philip Brown and I think there are major problems with math education today.  Students, parents, and teachers all need help and the big publishers aren't producing quality materials.  So, instead of just complaining, I'm doing something about it.  I'm creating quality materials for students, parents, and teachers alike, all with the end goal of making mathematics approachable and interesting.

On my site,, I provide tutorial materials for students and parents, in written form, PowerPoint and video.  My hope is that students not only learn how to do the tasks at hand, but do so in a way that will promote future learning.

I also provide support for teachers.  I take quality YouTube videos and turn them into interactive lessons teachers can use in their classrooms.  The hope is that students develop a balance between conceptual understanding and procedural fluency so they not only get what they're learning now, but can also build upon this learning for the future.  

There are quality practice materials that teachers can use in their classes, or students learning independently can use as I review those materials in additional videos.

There is also a series called Wednesday's Why, where I tackle something either misunderstood or simply believed to be true and I break it apart in a way that should increase mathematical literacy.  Not only will students understand that particular topic, they'll be empowered to break down similar things on their own!

This is a huge undertaking, but I hope to cover all of mathematics typically taught in high school in this fashion, servicing all three parties.  

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your support.
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My goal is to provide teachers with better resources with which they can improve their craft.  This includes resources like lessons and homework packets, as well as professional development specific for mathematics teachers.

The need for content specific professional development, and the improved focus on improving mathematical literacy and fluency in students is overwhelming.  With 40% to 60% of college freshmen having to take remedial courses it is safe to say that what's happening now is not working.

My funding goal is enough to cover the overhead of a Podcast and secure website.  This will help me keep individual resources free of charge to all that are interested.

If you are fortunate enough to contribute, please read what you will receive in return under the tiers section.

Thank you for all of your support!


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