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Your support is massively appreciated!!! Jump into our discord and come n hang out!!!

Producer Family

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You'll now get:

  • A personal thankyou message
  • Your name at the end of music videos 
  • Exclusive patron-only live-streams and bonus content.
  • Access to our exclusive Discord server to get stuck in, get your voice and ideas sampled into the music in real time and generally join the party!
  • During my streams, you can jump on and be seen and heard by me and all the stream viewers, we can banter and get stoopid and anything you say can and will be sampled into the music in real time. 
  • The knowledge that you're helping me feed my family and not get chucked out of my house. 

This means the world to me and I'm SO excited to have you on board!!

See you in the Discord!


Includes Discord benefits

Technical Consultant

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All lower-tier benefits: +

  • Welcome to our university.
  • Here you get gear run down videos, tutorials and Q&As about my processes and the processes of our other wonderful, talented patrons. I do regular live sessions focusing on how my rig works, the philosophy and techniques behind it. In depth looping and live production tips and tricks. I go into detail about how I do system design, UI design, musical composition and stage craft, which i have till this point guarded very closely. This tier is becoming a sort of mini-university where we inspire and help each other to achieve our crazy tech and production goals. Be it mixed media, live-streaming knowledge and best-practices or music production wisdom, we are here for each other on our journeys and all growing together. 
  • Access to the the Technical Consultant discord channel where you can meet and hang out with a growing community of like-minded, super-smart people to talk about tech, performance-techniques, music industry questions, Ableton mastery, music production in general and cake. Here we advise each other on technical challenges and solutions as regards anything tech or music related or whatever crosses your mind.
  • Access to the exclusive SHEER VOLUME megaserver in which you can :
    • Hear draft versions and alternative takes of tracks
    • Read the essays I write about the thoughts and technical processes behind my work.
    • Hear extras from the recording process that no-one else gets to hear. 
    • Stems of the tracks and the live streams so you can remix my work to your hearts content, with the chance to get your remixes featured in the podcast.
Includes Discord benefits



About Beardyman


We are a steadily growing group of music freaks who enjoy having our faces melted off by disgusting basslines. We also like filthy drum breaks, tasty chord changes and the London based artist & technologist, Beardyman aka Darren Foreman... me especially, because I am him. That's who I am.... hi. 

We an interconnected, pulsating hive-mind. Become one of us and subsume your soul into our harmonic vibrations. Ohm. 

I am Beardyman. It is my mission to make fully-realised studio-polished, mixed and mastered electronic music in real time, to enable me to channel my creative energies intuitively and without self-questioning, unabated, into reality. I am committed to realising this goal. If you want to help me then I would love to count you as a partner in this mission. 

Our wonderful discord server has become literally my favourite place to be on the entire internet and I'm pretty sure it will be yours too. Here, we hang out, share, get silly, get deep, and when I’m on it can all be sampled in real time and turned into music at any time. You’ll get tons of private concerts, get sampled and influence the flow of things during my live streams.

Come and hang on the discord, but as a patron you'll also get to contribute to streams in real time, watch streams as many time as many times as you want, hang out at Pre-show parties and warm-ups, there are tons of exclusive patron-only shows, chill with us on discord and have a laugh working through tech issues, edit videos and just have fun in general, after show parties, tech support from some brilliant tech minds in here within the community. As a patron you can also get early access to stuff i make, get sneak peaks into my ever evolving working processes, get exclusive tracks, videos read my tech blog, watch gig footage that I have never published up till now.

If you are here because my setup intrigues you, then the tech tier is for you. Your support in this tier helps you and our other tech community members to grow through group learning and peer to peer knowledge sharing. We share our tech journeys and support each other as we try to navigate the way to our dream digital art-creation systems with weekly deep dives into my rig and the rigs and innovations of our amazing tech-tier members. Becoming a tech tier member also gives you access to creations I make that you can then install in your system. 

Whatever you choose, we'd love for you to come and join us. Your support will help this wonderful community grow, will directly support me, keep a roof over my head and allow me to keep focusing on, improving and advancing my artistic output. 

See you soon!!! 
458 of 1,000 patrons
Upon reaching 1000 patrons I'll essentially be able to dedicate my time entirely to self-directed creative projects for you guys. I would love to be artistically free to create whatever I want and not have to worry about being thrown out of my house by large, large, angry men who are sanctioned to do so by the government. 

At 1000 patrons I can purchase pro-level hardware and software, hire video editors and raise the quality and regularity of the work I produce. I'll be able to prioritise content creation over all other musical activities and raise my game even more. 

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