Sharmi Basu is creating Music, Video, Art, Performance, Writing, Workshops

Helper Friend

$1 /creation
Free download of 1 song

Super Helper Friend

$2 /creation
2 downloads of songs!

Caring Friend

$3 /creation
2 downloads of songs and a sticker!

Super Caring Friend

$5 /creation
Downloadable song and guest list at (1) Beast Nest show

Nice Friend

$7 /creation
I MAKE A SPECIAL SONG FOR YOU // ABOUT YOU! (please send me your e-mail in a message!)

Super Nice Friend

$10 /creation
Tape and guest list at (1) Beast Nest show

Special Friend

$20 /creation
T-shirt, tape, and sticker

Very Special Friend

$30 /creation
Tapes (2), t-shirt and sticker

Superhero Friend

$50 /creation
Tapes (3), zine, t-shirt, personalized song